Garage Door Automation

Remote control is a surprisingly affordable luxury. Almost all doors have it as an option and it can be fitted when your new door is installed or as an upgrade to an existing door.

Control options range from a simple key fob sized transmitter, right up to a smart phone GSM control and intelligent door position sensing for complete peace of mind… “did I remember to close the garage door?!”. All transmitters can be linked to your automatic driveway gates via a multi button transmitter.

Safety is paramount and we ensure every system is CE marked for safe operation. Your remote control garage door comes with a built in courtesy light for your convenience and safety.

On a cold dark and wet night you won’t regret adding remote control!

Why choose the remote control option?

  • No more lifting of your heavy garage door
  • Safe and reliable with obstacle detection
  • Automatic locking
  • Security automatic courtesy light
  • Reliable operation with 5 years Warranty
  • 2 Transmitters
  • Internal and external override in case of power failure

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