Roller Garage Doors

These doors are all made to measure and will suit any property from domestic to commercial. Ideal for window and door security.

Roller garage doors are the ideal solution for homes where space on the driveway is at a premium or where the entrance into the garage is narrow.

Park right up and have more room to manoeuvre

The door curtain rolls up around a drum, with no out-swing or arc of travel as it opens and closes, allowing you to park right up to the garage door. There’s no need for a timber frame, adding extra drive-through width and, as the garage door is installed behind the brickwork opening, it’s ideal for arched garages.

Saves Space

The neat roll takes up very little space inside the garage allowing you unobstructed use of the overhead space for storage.

Versatile & Remote Control

Roller garage doors are available in double skin insulation filled aluminium that comes with remote control electric operation as standard. The durable single skin steel version is great value and is available with remote control electric operation as an option.


Doors are also available in a high security specification which has been awarded the Secured by Design Police Preferred Specification status. Ideal for protecting valuables stored in your garage – security at the touch of a button!

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